Inside Ovation’s New Office in New York City

Ovation Travel Group has a new office in New York City. Travel Agent had the chance to tour the new space along with Gina Gabbard, the company’s senior vice president of leisure and independent advisors. 

The new offices, which are in the Chrysler East building directly adjacent to the famous Chrysler Building, span 40,000 square feet and began as a completely raw space before Ovation moved in. New York-based Design Republic was tapped to lead the design, which draws inspiration from European city plans, with “piazza-like” public spaces aimed at fostering collaboration. 

A key goal of the design was balancing the needs of Ovation’s independent travel advisors with its staff. Independent advisors are seated in cubicles with relatively higher walls in order to provide privacy and respect their status as independent businesses; staff, on the other hand, have workstations with lower dividers to promote a more open-plan feeling. The design has prompted many independent advisors to visit the office more often: there are approximately 20 to 50 on site on any given day, and approximately 200 staff. 

The offices were designed with education and client events as well. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a mural of New York City that runs along a hall designed to resemble a jetway. At the end, there is a large kitchen and dining area with manufactured stone countertops directly adjoining a classroom that can be divided in two for smaller seminars. Outside, a rooftop terrace provides an additional event space, weather permitting. 

Ovation spent 20 years at its former location, which was at 71 Fifth Avenue. The new office is at 666 Third Avenue

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