Nexion Travel Group Honors Veterans Through Travel Program

As Americans come together on Veterans Day to pay tribute and commemorate those who have served in the armed forces, Nexion Travel Group is acknowledging the significant contributions of veterans and military spouses within the travel industry. One of Nexion’s initiatives in support of the veteran community is its Veterans in Travel scholarship program, which aims to assist veterans and active-duty military spouses in gaining the necessary skills and knowledge to become professional travel advisors. Veterans in Travel offers a 50 percent scholarship to the Travel Leaders of Tomorrow travel advisor training program.

“The idea for Veterans in Travel began with the desire to give back to those who have sacrificed so much for our nation’s safety,” said Heather Kindred, program director of Travel Leaders of Tomorrow. “We knew we had a great asset in Travel Leaders of Tomorrow, with a curriculum proven to help those new to the industry succeed. It made sense to give veterans the chance to have that same success in their civilian life.”

The majority of scholarship recipients are veterans themselves, though many military spouses have also found that a career in travel is well-suited to their needs and experience. Last year, Nexion began offering the scholarship to active-duty military spouses in addition to veterans.

Since 2018, Nexion's Veterans in Travel scholarship program has welcomed more than 200 dedicated members. The goal is simple: empower veterans by providing them with the education and resources necessary to pursue lucrative, independent careers in the travel industry. Graduates of the program can attest to their success.

“It’s a natural transition,” said Rachel Kerr, who is a Nexion advisor and military spouse helping to grow the military community into a larger and more active group within Nexion. “Having navigated the various challenges of military life, which includes frequently relocating to new destinations, veterans and military spouses bring valuable perspective to the industry. Our experiences have taught us patience, adaptability, resilience and the value of building meaningful connections. A career in travel allows us to harness these strengths and create extraordinary experiences for our clients."

The Veterans in Travel program offers a 50 percent scholarship to Travel Leaders of Tomorrow’s Virtual Campus, offering a comprehensive curriculum, collaborative study groups and engaging lectures by esteemed industry experts, along with support in developing a business plan. Upon completion of the Virtual Campus, Veterans in Travel participants have the opportunity to join Nexion Travel Group without an activation fee and can also opt for mentorship from a fellow veteran.

Jackie Friedman, president of Nexion Travel Group, emphasized, "Veterans bring a wealth of untapped potential to the travel industry. Given their background, their unwavering dedication, intelligence and resolve make them outstanding travel advisors. Military spouses also make wonderful travel advisors. A career that can be done from anywhere is an important consideration with the frequent moves they are required to make. We are thrilled to have expanded the program to the hardworking spouses that are the backbone of our military."

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