Six in 10 Americans Want to Travel to New Destinations: Stats

Travel operator and luxury specialist Audley Travel has shared insight into the premium travel market following research into the space. The "Premium Travel Report" unveiled consumers’ current and future travel preferences in an industry that appears to be thriving.

The research, which surveyed travelers in the U.S. spread across all ages and locations, revealed that despite the current economic climate the average spend on a two-week trip (including travel, accommodation and activities) was over $10,000 per person ($10,767), with 59 percent expecting to spend more on trips than in the past and 22 percent expecting this to be more than double their spend five years ago.

When asked what was important about their vacation, 59 percent want to travel to destinations they haven’t been before, with almost half (48 percent) preferring to be around as few other groups as possible and 36 percent placing importance on wanting to only spend time with their travel companions. Intrinsically, 77 percent of those asked want to spend time with local guides on their trip and grow their destination knowledge from an authentic source.

Zoning into flight class and hotel ratings, 32 percent traveled in economy on their last trip, 33 percent in premium economy, 17 percent in business and 19 percent in first.  With regards to accommodation, 45 percent stayed in a four-star hotel and 37 percent in a five-star hotel on their last trip. Unsurprisingly, at the uber-lux end of the scale, only 4 percent stayed in a reported "six- or seven-star hotel."

Western Europe has been the most popular region for trips over the last five years for U.S. travelers (49 percent) and remains so for intended trips in the next two years. While a beach break was the most popular vacation type with 45 percent of those asked preferring this option, 38 percent traveling to visit family and friends and 36 percent having taken a luxury break.

Current trends show that all respondents have traveled at least once every two years. Ninety-five percent had taken a domestic trip, 72 percent taking a short/mid-haul international trip and 61 percent traveling long-haul at least once a year. Looking ahead to future travel, 33 percent expect to travel long-haul within the next year and 55 percent plan months or years in advance.

Placing importance on having advice from someone with specialist expertize on their chosen destination when they book was mentioned by 84 percent, and 68 percent want sustainable travel options.

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