Stats: Travelers More Optimistic, See Global Situation Improving

According to the fourth weekly survey by Skyscanner, more and more people are seeing the global situation as it pertains to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic as one that’s getting better. The percentage of people who think it’s getting better is increasing, from 9 percent in the first survey, up to 26 percent this week.

In that same time, where over 5,000 travelers form 17 countries were polled, the percentage of people who think the global situation as it pertains to international travel is getting worse is reducing: 74 percent in Week 1, compared to 45 percent this week. The percentage of people who believe the situation is remaining the same has increased from 10 to 19 percent; those who “don’t know” have remained steady at 10 percent.

There’s more confidence in domestic travel. The percentage of travelers who feel the domestic situation is getting better has increased from 8 to 35 percent. In fact, four of the top five searches from April 4 – 12 in the U.S. were domestic (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Honolulu). London was the sole international destination.

With this said, global and domestic travel risk perception is slowly reducing but remains high; however, the risk of domestic travel is perceived to be lower than global travel. People’s optimism about traveling later this year remains stable but is higher for domestic travel than global travel.

In the U.S., 74 percent of travelers are confident it’ll be safe to travel internationally again in six months. Other destinations, including Brazil, Australia, Japan and South Korea, have much less confidence, with percentages ranging from 38 to 56 percent. In Europe, travelers in Germany and the Netherlands are on par with those in America. As for domestic travel, destinations across the board are more confident, with 61 to 91 percent of travelers being confident that it’ll be safe to travel domestically again in six months.


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