Travelport Introduces New Self-Service Suite

Travelport has introduced the latest product feature release for its travel retailing platform, Travelport+. The new self-servicing suite and automation tools on Travelport+ help travelers and the travel retailers that support them, to create an efficient, online shopping and servicing experience for travelers. Travelport has also recently expanded the availability of New Distribution Capability (NDC) content and NDC-servicing capabilities for several of its airline partners.

Travelport’s new self-service tool, Productivity Automator, is designed to help advisors work more productively by reducing the amount of manual back-end tasks and calls to suppliers. The automation capabilities available with Productivity Automator through Travelport+ provide advisors with more time to focus on advising their clients besides increased upsell opportunities for suppliers. Travelport+ customers using Productivity Automator have found they can potentially generate a 14 percent time savings across their entire team every day.

The latest Travelport+ product release also introduces self-service tools for agency customers and developers, including Travelport’s revamped developer portal, MyTravelport. The updated portal now offers virtual advisor support, a smarter knowledge base search and an online community. These updates both speed up and simplify the Travelport+ digital support journey for developers and agencies using Travelport.

Travelport has continued to evolve its content offering to help agency customers offer more choices with Travelport+, with new add-ons which include paid seats and baggage opportunities with over 14 new airlines. The company has signed NDC deals with 19 airlines worldwide and continues to roll out more NDC content. American Airlines NDC content is now available to Travelport+ customers in North America, and Travelport anticipates that NDC content from three additional airlines will go live in NORAM this quarter.

Travelport customers also have fast, easy access to enriched content with over 318 branded fare airlines now live in Travelport+.

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