Dominica Debuts “Work in Nature” Visa Program

Dominica has officially launched its extended-stay visa program dubbed “Work in Nature” (WIN), which provides the opportunity to work remotely for up to 18 months on the island. Dominica is well-positioned to welcome professionals and entrepreneurs as part of the WIN program, which is geared toward remote workers, digital nomads, academics, families and persons on sabbaticals seeking a healthier work-life balance.

The island offers high-speed internet and technology services, modern healthcare facilities, educational options for families, and opportunities for impact volunteer programs with NGOs and private sector entities. WIN program participants will be able to visit waterfalls or hot springs, take nature walks or exhilarating dives, experience the local cuisine, embrace a new culture, and make new friends. Additionally, Dominica’s COVID-19 protocols have kept the infection rates very low.

The program offers attractive incentives, such as duty-free on selected items and discounts from various service providers. As the program gains popularity, the island envisions a WIN Village—a remote worker community with various types of accommodation from luxury to moderate, an array of support services, shared social and entertainment spaces, and co-working spaces. Applications can be accessed online and cost $100. Responses will be provided within seven days and confirmed applicants will have a three-month grace period to relocate to Dominica. Fees for the visa are $800 for individuals and $1,200 for families. 

In addition, the island has been recently awarded the “Safe Travels” Stamp by the World Travel and Tourism Council, which reassures that the destination’s health and safety protocols meet globally accepted standards.

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