Stats: The Most and Least Reliable Airlines of 2019

Looking to avoid summer travel woes? Independent insurance broker Policygenius has released a new study on the most and least reliable airlines of 2019, based on on-time arrivals, flight cancellations, flight delays, mishandled bags and complaints for the first four months of 2019. These numbers were combined into the Policygenius Airline Index, which gives each airline a score out of 100. 

Each factor was weighted equally in the index. Here’s a list of the most and least reliable airlines:

  1. Delta – 78
  2. Hawaiian Airlines – 72 
  3. Allegiant Air – 72
  4. Spirit Airlines – 68
  5. Alaska Airlines – 58
  6. Southwest Airlines – 52
  7. Frontier Airlines – 44
  8. United Airlines – 36
  9. JetBlue – 36
  10. American Airlines – 34

Policygenius said that Delta ranked best due to high reliability, with an on-time arrival average of 82.7 percent, and customer satisfaction, averaging 0.43 complaints per 100,000 passengers. Its average cancellation rate was less than 1 percent. 

American Airlines ranked worst due to the high number of mishandled bags at eight per 1,000 passengers and percentage of cancelled flights, 2.9 percent. 

Here’s the full data table Policygenius used to compile the report:


Policygenius sourced the on-time arrival, flight cancellation, flight delay, mishandled bag and customer complaint data from the Air Travel Consumer Report. The index rates marketing carriers, meaning a carrier that is part of a codeshare agreement, selling the flight under their name even if that flight is operated by a different airline. The branded codeshare averages were included in the total for each marketing carrier. 

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