Stats: Zurich, Switzerland Has World’s Most Expensive Taxis

Zurich, Switzerland
The average cost of a 3km taxi ride in Zurich is $25.25. // Photo by RossHelen/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Online used car dealership Carspring has produced a study on the price of taxi use in 80 cities around the world. Included in the study are the prices of a 3km inner city taxi ride, a journey between the airport and the city center, and the cost of one hours waiting time. The study also provides information on which models of car are most popular in each city, and if an alternative such as Uber is available in each location.

To find out the cost of the initial hire, the cost per kilometer, the cost per additional kilometer and waiting time prices, data provided by the official website of each city was used, when available, as in some cases city governments regulate these prices. Official airport sites and tourist information web pages provided information on the cost of a journey between the international airport and city center. To account for the difference in price depending on the time of day, length of trip, number of passengers and the model of car, the average metered price of the different combinations was chosen. Multiple taxi companies per city were contacted regarding the most popular vehicle type amongst drivers.

In order to rank the cities, the price of a standard 3km taxi fare was calculated by taking into account the initial hire, the cost per km and one minute of waiting time.

New York City was 43 out of 80 cities (80 being most expensive), with a cost of  $7.84 for a 3km ride. A ride from the airport to the city center cost $71.18, while a one hour wait cost $39.09.

The five least expensive cities, based on a 3km standard fare ride, are:

  1. Cairo, Egypt ($0.55)
  2. Mumbai, India ($1.40)
  3. Jakarta, Indonesia ($1.47)
  4. Bucharest, Romania ($1.47)
  5. Mexico City, Mexico ($1.53)

The five most expensive cities are:

  1. Helsinki, Finland ($12.81)
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark ($13.77)
  3. Tokyo, Japan ($15.95)
  4. Geneva, Switzerland ($17.53)
  5. Zurich, Switzerland ($25.25)

Source: Carspring

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