Western River Expeditions Opens Slots for Grand Canyon Rafting

Western River Expeditions has announced that a few slots have opened for the 2024 and 2025 Grand Canyon rafting seasons. This unexpected availability offers a chance to embark on an exhilarating journey through the iconic natural wonders. Typically booked years in advance, these Grand Canyon trips represent a rare chance to experience the Colorado River up close, from thrilling rapids to serene hikes.

With trips running from April to September, adventurers can choose from a range of experiences:

  • Six- and seven-day expeditions featuring class III-V rapids for guests 12 and above
  • Three- and four-day journeys with class II-III rapids suitable for those aged nine and above

Every expedition is enhanced by Western’s exclusive J-Rig raft, designed to provide a safe and thrilling ride for first-timers and seasoned rafters alike. Off-river hikes lead to hidden waterfalls, slot canyons, ancient ruins and geological marvels, sights that remain unseen by the millions who visit the canyon’s rim each year.

Aaron Swanson, a seasoned guide with Western River Expeditions, recommends enriching your trip by delving into the history and lore of the Grand Canyon. From tales of pioneering adventures to insights into the lives of its indigenous peoples, his curated list of 10 books and a podcast offer a deeper understanding of this magnificent landscape. The suggested books to read before your trip include “Beyond the Hundredth Meridian” by Wallace Stegner; “Down the Great Unknown: John Wesley Powell’s 1869 Journey of Discovery and Tragedy through the Grand Canyon” by Edward Dolnick; “Woman of the River – Georgie White Clark, Whitewater Pioneer” by Richard E. Westwood; “The Very Hard Way – Bert Loper and the Colorado River” by Brad Dimock; “I am the Grand Canyon: The story of the Havasupai People” by Stephen Hirst; and “The Emerald Mile – The Epic Story of the Fastest Ride in the History of the Grand Canyon” by Kevin Fedarko.

Swanson recommends reading “There’s this River – Grand Canyon Boatman Stories” by Christa Sadler during the trip, while books to read after your trip include “The Doing of the Thing” by Vince Welsh, Cort Conley and Brad Dimock; “Sunk Without a Sound: The Tragic Colorado River Honeymoon of Glen and Bessie Hyde” by Brad Dimock; and “River to Rim” by Nancy Brian.

Swanson also includes a podcast in his list: “Big Adventures with Brian Dierker.” “This is a great podcast about a legend still running the Grand Canyon and who on occasion, will snipe your campsite. Brian brings on a large array of guests from rock nerds (scientists) to salty river runners with stories of the good old days,” he says. He also recommends Wayne Brindle’s “The Best Joke Book Ever” because this light reading prepares clients for all the bad jokes and puns the guides will doubtless spring on them.

For more information, visit www.westernriver.com.

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