Stats: Two-Thirds of Americans to Engage in Leisure Activities in Next Two Weeks

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The fourth COVID-19 U.S. Sentiment and Purchasing Intent Survey by international research company BVA BDRC reveals that although more than one-third of Americans (36 percent) now believe that life will not return to “normal” until at least 2021, more people than ever are preparing to spend on leisure in the next two weeks.  

As Americans enter the early summer weeks, nearly half (45 percent) believe that “the worst is still to come” in the coronavirus pandemic. Further, 12 percent of consumers say that their finances have been hit hard, while 44 percent say they have to be cautious about their personal financial position.  

There is good news, though. Two-thirds of Americans now expect to engage in at least one out-of-home leisure activity in the next two weeks, up from half when questioned in late May. This includes such activities as eating at restaurants or going shopping. And while the figures for Millennial (71 percent) and Gen X (69 percent) age groups were the highest, increased confidence was seen across the board. To note, 54 percent of Baby Boomers registered their intention to retake up some of their previous leisure activities. 

In addition, nearly half of Americans (47 percent) are more likely than normal to take a trip or vacation to a mountain and/or lake destination this year. Other popular destinations are local area attractions (46 percent) and beach and coastal areas (45 percent). In contrast, 33 percent of Americans are less likely to plan a city break and 35 percent are less likely to plan a trip around events that would include close contact with people, such as a wedding or sporting venues. 

Finally, Americans are 55 percent more likely to be visiting friends and family this year and 36 percent of people plan on staying with them. With that said, planning for hotel stays is down across the board, apart from in five-star accommodation, which is stable at 15 percent.   

Matthew Petrie, president, BVA BDRC U.S. said in an official release that he expects “destinations that offer fresh air and single-family accommodation where interaction with others can be limited” to see a boom in bookings.

Overall, one-quarter of Americans will travel closer to home this year than normal. Among these consumers, more than half will travel less than 250 miles from their home.  More trips will be made by car—up 20 percent—and far fewer by air.   

Source: BVA BDRC

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