The Cannabis Trail Unveils New Experience in Northern California

The Cannabis Trail has announced its collaboration with the Visit Oakland, Visit Mendocino County and Humboldt County Visitors Bureau. The Cannabis Trail was formed to celebrate the cultural heritage of California’s cannabis tradition by marking historic spots in the state, stretching from Santa Cruz in the south to the Emerald Triangle in the north. Similar to the Napa Wine Road, The Cannabis Trail offers adults an opportunity to enjoy a curated adventure showcasing cannabis culture, landmark attractions and experiences.

“This is an extremely important time in the cannabis travel and tourism industry as the visitor experience continues to evolve with legalization,” said Peter Gamez, president and CEO of Visit Oakland. “Working in partnership with Humboldt and Mendocino counties, we have created unique, enjoyable opportunities for visitors while increasing overall value for cannabis travelers.”

The “Travel Segment” research from MMGY Travel Intelligence recently placed the cannabis-motivated active leisure travel audience at approximately 72 million Americans, a full 37 percent of that cohort. In 2022, Forbes estimated cannabis tourism to already be a $17 billion industry while Gallup confirms that 50 percent of U.S. residents have consumed the plant.

Oakland is home to the first cannabis equity license issued in the world, as well as several important cannabis landmarks. The city has a decades-long history of providing medical cannabis to patients while the contiguous counties of Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity are collectively known as “The Emerald Triangle,” an area perfect for cannabis cultivation due to its hot summers, ample water and lush terrain. This is where back-to-the-land enthusiasts flocked in the 1960s and ’70s to take advantage of inexpensive land to live free lives that included growing and consuming cannabis.

These destinations are natural partners for the greater exploration of The Cannabis Trail throughout Northern California, which include eight cultural landmark destinations.

Highlights include:

  • Root’d in the 510 and Harborside in Oakland
  • Plantshop, The Bohemian Chemist and Sol de Mendocino in Mendocino County
  • The Hemp Connection, Huckleberry Hill Farms and Humboldt Cannabis Tours in Humboldt County

Visitors exploring The Cannabis Trail will experience immersive cultural storytelling highlighting legacy cannabis craft, tales from the war on drugs, and human rights stories including patient access, social equity and inclusion. For the first time ever, The Cannabis Trail allows visitors to meet legacy craft cannabis farmers. They will tour the farms, home to cannabis, food crops, flowers, sheep, goats and family pets.

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