Atlas Ocean Voyages Announces Partnership With ORCA

Atlas Ocean Voyages has announced its new partnership with marine conservation charity ORCA.

Onboard the World Navigator, the line introduces dedicated Ocean Conservationists to Antarctica on 2024 expeditions. These specialists will focus on raising awareness, collecting vital scientific data, and actively contributing to safeguarding whales and dolphins. The initiative aims to involve guests in citizen science projects, allowing them to play an integral role in conservation efforts.

ORCA is dedicated to the study and protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises, along with their ocean habitats globally. ORCA's mission is to give everyone who cares about whales and dolphins an active role in safeguarding their future so that we can once again see oceans alive with whales and dolphins.

ORCA Ocean Conservationist on deck_Atlas Ocean Voyages
ORCA Ocean Conservationist on deck (Atlas Ocean Voyages)

The partnership will empower guests to become citizen scientists, participating in hands-on workshops and utilizing ORCA’s OceanWatchers app. By recording environmental and sighting information, guests will contribute valuable data to understand the behavior and movements of these magnificent marine mammals.

Over the past three decades, ORCA’s survey data has been instrumental in enhancing protection measures for whales and dolphins in crucial ocean hotspots. “This collaboration represents a significant stride in fostering a profound connection between travelers and marine conservation, benefiting the world’s oceans and their unique inhabitants,” said James A. Rodriguez, the line’s president and CEO. “Together with ORCA, we look forward to fostering a deeper connection between our travelers and the incredible marine life they will encounter, ensuring a meaningful and enriching experience for all.”

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