Italy’s Preidlhof Introduces New Spa Offerings

Preidlhof Luxury DolceVita Resort, located in the northern Italian town of Naturno, has introduced a series of additions to the luxury wellness property. These include two new outdoor Garden Spa Suites with 12 additional resort and spa services, including new thermal water wellness treatments, olive oil tastings, massages and resort excursions.

Two new Garden Spa Suites are available in the resort’s Mediterranean Garden. Set amid lavender bushes, olive trees and citrus plants overlooking the valley, the Garden Spa Suites are available to guests through October and include treatments such as aroma, candle and Hawaiian massages.

Inspired by the traditional Merano bathing ritual, the new hydrotherapy experiences include thermal water wellness treatments, which can be enjoyed in the resort’s 861-square-foot indoor pool, besides private whirlpools infused with regenerative bath oil blends. The mineral-rich water is sourced from a 400-year-old spring located under the Reinhold Messner Castle three miles away. The resort also offers “Water Massages” in the resort’s thermal Infinity Sky Pool, where a therapist uses water to knead and apply pressure to the body through constant aquatic movement.

Garden Spa Suite
Garden Spa Suite (Preidlhof Luxury DolceVita Resort)

Medical thermal therapies also integrate with a host of new multi-sensorial treatments in the “Transformational Journey Retreat,” which is geared towards facilitating inner transformation via heightened awareness of the senses. Exclusives classes are also reserved for guests participating in Preidlhof’s nine additional “Transformational Wellness Retreats.”

The resort offers “46° Parallel Olive Oil Tastings,” which can further be enhanced with a 46° Parallel olive oil massage, available to all guests on the à-la-carte treatment menu. Another option, the “Full Moon Sound Healing Ritual," takes place at 10 p.m. during a full moon. The ritual takes place in complete darkness, except for the moonlight and canopy of stars, and is guided by the voice of a therapist and soft music.

Indoor pool area
Indoor pool area (Preidlhof Luxury DolceVita Resort)

The resort also offers dance classes, suitable for experts and novices. Every class provides an opportunity to try something new and to enhance physical expression in a fun way.

Aside from the exclusive offerings, the resort has also launched a series of additional weekly classes and off-property excursions for guests to sign up and enjoy. These include forest bathing at the nearby Lake Vernago; sunrise mountain hikes in Merano;Awakening Classesto channel internal rhythm; morning coffee overlooking the Dolomites; unique yoga classes, such as “Face Yoga,” “Laughter Yoga” and “Sleep Yoga”; “Vespa Excursion” with gelato and a tour of Naturno; cable car rides and wine tastings at a nearby family-owned vineyard.

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