Portuguese Hotel Association Successfully Launches Online Portal

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Thousands of prospective tourists have visited the Portuguese Hotel Association’s (AHP) new online booking platform following its launch last week. The surge in visitors to the Click2Portugal website in the past seven days has seen new hotels sign up to the offering, having been encouraged by its popularity with prospective tourists.

Click2Portugal is designed to help tourists from around the world book accommodation in the country simply, securely and directly. With the additional support of the Tourism Authorities, the platform aims to keep Portuguese hospitality at the forefront of modern guests’ booking preferences.

The launch event, held at SUD Lisboa on October 9 and attended by Ana Mendes Godinho, the Secretary of State for Tourism, welcomed over a hundred and fifty guests.

AHP, which represents the majority of the hotel accommodation available in Portugal, conducted research around hotels’ digital representation in 2017, which revealed that over a third of hotels had no effective online presence or only had a very basic presence with no option for direct online booking.

Following this, the Click2Portugal initiative was established to allow prospective tourists to make straightforward and secure online reservations, booking directly with the hotels themselves, as well as providing the best prices and other exclusive benefits for its users.

“Click2Portugal will improve the digital offering of Portuguese hospitality venues, providing a boost to the country’s tourism industry,” said Raul Martins of AHP. “With the initiative endorsed by the government, hotels that aren’t currently represented by the Hotel Association of Portugal are also encouraged to get involved. As part of their Click2Portugal listing, they can include representative video and high-resolution photography. It’s also presented in 5 languages – Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and German, helping yet further with its accessibility.”  

The new platform also includes a rating system provided by ReviewPro, which takes into account credible reviews made on dozens of travel websites.

Click2Portugal is connected to visitportugal.com, the official website for Portugal as a tourist destination, and already includes more than 300 hotels. For more information, visit www.click2portugal.com

For more on Portuguese Hotels Association, visit www.hoteis-portugal.pt.

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