The Travel Corporation Shares Solvency to Give Clients Confidence

Ashford Castle
Ashford Castle, a member of Red Carnation Hotels

The Travel Corporation (TTC) and its 40 guided vacations brands have announced its $300 million “Peace of Mind Promise” to the travel advisor community and their clients. As a family-owned business for the past 100 years, TTC says that part of its success is to always conduct its business conservatively and, today, the company says it is fully accredited in all the countries it does business in across the globe. As a privately owned company, information around the financial status of the business is not released; however, TTC says these challenging times call for transparency and the reassurance of the company’s current financial strength and integrity.

Therefore, TTC has decided to share tangible financial information so that advisors are fully aware that their clients’ monies and future travels are safe.

Within the group of TTC brands is Red Carnation Hotels (RCH), which owns 14 properties around the world. RCH is audited by the international accountancy firm, Mazars, which confirms that the company has unencumbered fixed assets in excess of $300 million as of December 31, 2019. TTC is sharing this solely to give clients the comfort in knowing that the organization is highly solvent. Additional brands include Trafalgar, Insight Vacations, Luxury Gold, Uniworld and more.

“As The Travel Corporation celebrates our 100th-year anniversary, we continue to be a very stable and solvent company,” said Brett Tollman, chief executive of The Travel Corporation, in a press statement. “Our ‘Peace of Mind Promise’ gives the reassurance to our loyal travel advisors and their clients that their monies for future travel are safe and this goes beyond our commitment to having a memorable holiday with us.”

In direct response to clients’ needs for more flexible booking options in a post-COVID-19 world, TTC has implemented a refundable $99 deposit, which allows guests to secure their trip risk-free. Coupled with their amended flexible booking terms, which allows for free changes up and until 30 days prior to travel, guests can book with confidence and ensure a seamless payment experience. If, for any reason clients change their minds, they can choose new dates and/or a new destination without penalty on the land portion of their trips.


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