Rail Europe Adds Austrian Rail Provider Offers Into All products

Rail Europe has announced that the Austrian rail provider ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen) is now available as part of its B2B partners’ solutions. This expansion will provide travel advisors and partners with access to a broader range of domestic and international rail routes within and from/to Austria as well as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and more.

The integration of ÖBB in Rail Europe’s inventory will also significantly enlarge its coverage of night trains, providing more options for travelers seeking efficient and eco-friendly journeys to save time and money. ÖBB Nightjet has been expanding across major cities and countries in Europe, offering an alternative for those willing to travel the old continent and emerging as an alternative to short-haul flights.

“We are thrilled to expand our offer and include ÖBB services into our portfolio. This marks a significant milestone for our business partners as well as our RailAPI and RailFlash customers worldwide, offering access to all major European train operators. With increased cross-border connections, travelers now have the opportunity to explore a diverse mix of landscapes and iconic cities, as well as Eastern Europe,” said Björn Bender, executive chairman & CEO of Rail Europe.

Every year, ÖBB transports over 320 million passengers, with all train and station electricity generated from renewable sources. It stands as one of the most punctual railway operators in Europe, with a punctuality rate of around 97 percent in passenger transport.

For more information, visit www.raileurope.com.

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