Avanti Destinations Launches New Mobile Documents App

Avanti Destinations has launched a new Mobile Documents app that makes all travel documents available on both the advisor’s and their clients’ phones or tablets. It enables advisors and clients to quickly contact local service suppliers or Avanti while traveling by tapping a hyperlink, rather than having to place an international call. An online video demo of the Mobile Documents app is available on Avanti’s advisor portal at www.avantidestinations.com/mobiledocs.

“Eight months in development, the new app has been tested by advisors on our educational FAM trips earlier this year and enthusiastically received,” said Nate Guilfoyle, director of web services at Avanti. “We also tested it with nearly 100 clients of advisors.

“The Mobile Documents app is a companion to, not a replacement for, Avanti’s paper and electronic documents—all three can be used together. During our soft launch, we had multi-generational families traveling together. While the parents preferred the paper documents, their adult children engaged with our itinerary using the mobile docs app. Even though the new app frees you from carrying paper, we always recommend having printed documents for backup,” noted Guilfoyle.

One month prior to departure, Avanti’s documents team sends all documents to advisors and an invitation to the app. It takes just a few seconds to download all travel documents, including advisor co-branding, such as train tickets, vouchers and QR codes to the app. After the initial download, documents are available whether or not the user has access to data.

“One of the most useful aspects of the Mobile Documents app is the ability to quickly contact local service providers, such as transfer or tour companies, in case of a delay or other disruption. Previously, we provided instructions on making an international call, but now clients will see a phone icon on each service which allows them to immediately contact the supplier. Built into the system are supplier profiles with their hours of operation. If it is after hours for the local provider, the call will automatically be routed to Avanti’s in-travel team,” said Guilfoyle.

Avanti sells custom-crafted international vacations for independent travelers exclusively through travel advisors, not directly to consumers.

For information, call 1-800-422-5053 or visit www.book.avantidestinations.com.

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