Black Travel Alliance Launches “History Of Black Travel” Website

Black Travel Alliance, in partnership with Tourism RESET, has launched a new website “History Of Black Travel,” with an aim to educate the public on how the African diaspora has traveled across the globe, progressively making their mark within the travel industry, from centuries past to the present day. 

Included in the initial launch of the “History Of Black Travel” are 130-plus timeline entries from the Americas, focusing mostly on the U.S. There are plans to expand the timeline by adding Black leisure travel stories from all continents and countries across the world; however, the Black Travel Alliance, along with Tourism RESET, are looking for a co-construction approach, inviting suggestions from the wider community of historians, scholars, travelers and tourism stakeholders who are interested in Black leisure travel. They are hoping the feedback will assist with the development of the timeline’s 12 main categories, which will help viewers focus on different aspects of Black travel throughout various eras, decades and locations. Major categories include explorers, groundbreakers, accommodations and leisure travel developments that focus on cultural sites and tours, festivals and major events, outdoor activities, food and drink, retail and wellness.

The “History Of Black Travel” also has categories and entries related to slavery, migration and the government with legislative and judicial rulings as they provide background and context for many of the Black leisure travel developments.

For destinations and travel brands looking  to tap into the Black leisure market, which, according to a study done in partnership with Black Travel Alliance is valued at $129.6 billion in the U.S. alone, the “History Of Black Travel” can be used as a resource to educate and guide discussions related to the contributions of Black people to travel historically, presently, and for the future. The website can also serve as a valuable tool for educators looking to bring a different perspective from traditional media related to exploration, travel and tourism.

“History not only tells us the story of our past but also informs our perspective as we move into the future. The History Of Black Travel timeline is a long-overdue tool for educators, researchers, and industry professionals to use in an effort to break down stereotypes and misconceptions of who the trailblazers in the travel industry really were,” said Dr. Alana Dillette, co-director, Tourism RESET, in a press release. “So often, Black people are plagued by the collective memory of slavery and the many injustices that followed. The History Of Black Travel timeline is an opportunity to shape-shift the narrative of Black travel history and own our stories—both the triumphs and the hardships.” 

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