Stats: The Average Leisure Travel Agent Salary Is $46,101

Travel Agent
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The average salary for leisure travel agents nationwide is $46,101, according to the latest results from the 2016 salary survey by Hot Travel Jobs.

Hot Travel Jobs conducts a yearly survey for job seekers and employers in the travel industry to get a perspective on their experiences regarding compensation and job conditions. This year marked the first that compensation was measured. Over 700 travel professionals took part in the 2016 survey, with over 85 percent of respondents volunteering compensation information. Hot Travel Jobs said that the result is an average of base salary, commission and bonuses.

Hot Travel Jobs also broke down the average salary for leisure travel agents by geographic region:

  • Mid Atlantic: $31,500
  • Midwest: $46,380
  • Northeast: $50,000
  • Northwest: $30,667
  • Southeast: $49,000
  • Southwest: $45,400

Previously, Hot Travel Jobs had reported that the average salary for corporate travel agents was $47,814 nationwide in 2016. Other key findings from previous portions of the report:

The salary findings come during a time of positive signs for summer travel, which could be good for agents bottom lines. According to a recent report by Adobe Analytics Cloud, summer travel spending is set to grow 2 percent faster than predicting this year.

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